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Smart Patient
Care System

Smart Hospital System (B2B)

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do:um Smart Patient Care (SPC) system provides
patient’s realtime vital sign data and location
as a foundation of smart hospital system.

SPC system is a new mobile health (mHealth) platform for a continuous realtime remote patient monitoring.
The system is based on a set of wearable vital sign monitors for patients’ physiological condition assessment,
Bluetooth locator and gateway, and a centralized healthcare data network.
All the patient monitors are connected wirelessly to SPC system and the vital sign data and
activity data as well as precise location are transferred to SPC server seamlessly.
The health data will be analyzed further then the hospital’s patient record will be updated at realtime.
The clinicians (doctors and nurses) can monitor patients’ current condition and location and
when some value goes out of normal range or patient is falling down the system alarm clinicians
immediately with patient’s condition and location information.
  • Realtime Vital Sign Monitoring

    • Heart Rate
    • Blood Glucose
    • Blood Pressure
    • SpO2 Level
    • Respiration Rate
    • and more ...
    • Body Temperature
  • Realtime Location & Activity

    • Realtime Patient Location Tracking
      through do:um SPCnet powered by
      Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™
    • Activity Monitoring
      (Exercise, Falling, etc.)

Clinician’s Station

Clinician’s station of do:um Smart Patient Care (SPC) system provides patient’s realtime
vital sign data, activity and location. When any parameter goes out of range or any accident
like as a fall, it will send an alarm with patient information, precise location and current vital sign.
When a visitor accesses into the restricted area or unallowed zone,
it will also send and alarm to prevent any dangerous situation.